Public sign necessary?

Is a public sign a necessary proof of authenticity and was one given in these apparitions?

our-lady-of-lourdes1bAt apparitions sites such as Lourdes and Fatima, the Blessed Virgin granted a public sign as an indication of authenticity for the apparitions, but at Amsterdam Our Lady responded to the request for a public sign with the words: “My signs are contained in my words” (May 31, 1957 message). Is a public sign a necessary criterion for the authenticity of a Marian apparition according to the guidelines of Church investigation? The criteria for the evaluation of a reported private revelation issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and sent to diocesan commissions do not refer to the requirement of a public miracle as a condition for a conclusion of supernatural authenticity of an apparition. Nevertheless, public signs of a remarkable nature have been recorded and can be attributed to the Amsterdam apparitions.

One example of a truly remarkable sign is contained in the Amsterdam message of February 19, 1958, which
predicted the death of Pope Pius XII in October of the same year. The message was kept secret and was
written and sealed in an envelope which was given to the visionary’s spiritual director. After the unexpected
death of Pius XII on October 9, 1958, the envelope was opened and the prediction was confirmed. In fact,
Our Lady’s sign was contained in her words.
popeNumerous other prophecies which foretold future events have been fulfilled in our own times and in themselves constitute true signs of authenticity. From prophecies concerning a “landing on the moon”  (February 7, 1946 message), to wars in the Balkans (October 1, 1949 message) and in the Middle East (December 26, 1947 message), to the convocation of a great Church council [Vatican II] (February 11, 1951 message), to modern forms of chemical and biological weapons (December 26, 1947), the signs of supernatural authenticity have been repeatedly manifested and fulfilled in the “words” of the Lady of All
Nations. Moreover, the weeping statue of the Lady of All Nations located in Akita, Japan constitutes a miraculous public sign which is documented and confirmed. A wooden statue of The Lady of All Nations venerated in a Japanese convent wept numerous lacrimations, which were witnessed and documented by several hundred people including the local bishop, Most Rev. John Shorijo Ito, Bishop of Niigata (local ordinary during the time of the apparitions). The tears were scientifically examined at the University of Akita and concluded to be of the nature of human tears. This public phenomenon accompanied apparitions of the Blessed Virgin to a Japanese religious, Sr. Agnes Sasagawa with a message emphasizing Our Lady’s role as Co-redemptrix.
Several supernatural healings were documented, scientifically confirmed, and personally examined by Bishop
Ito. Bishop Ito issued a pastoral letter declaring the events of Akita to be supernatural (April 22, 1984).
Bishop Ito has publicly testified to the essential interconnectedness of the apparitions of Our Lady of Akita
with the Amsterdam apparitions of the Lady of All Nations, and has twice taken pilgrimages to the site of the
Amsterdam apparitions.

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